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[28 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 16,082 views]
Inhibition of ERK 1/2 reduces mesothelioma resistance to doxorubicin

Here is a paper by Dr Shukla et al. addressing the role of the MAPK ERK 1/2 activity in mesothelioma resistance to doxorubicin.
Treatment of mesothelioma cells with doxorubicin phosphorylates and activates ERK1/2.  Mesothelioma cells are also shown here to upregulate key chemoresistance genes, regulated by ERK1/2, such as Bcl-2, cFos and BRCA1. Blockade of ERK 1/2 activity with the kinase inhibitor UO126 resulted in increase citotoxicity in combination with Doxorubicin. Moreover, UO126 significantly reduced the transcription levels of Bcl-2 and BRCA1, further supporting a role for ERK 1/2 activity in …