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[17 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 2,759 views]
Treatment of mesothelioma with gene-modified PA1STK cells and ganciclovir: a phase I study

This article presents the results in humans of the first intrapleural instillation of a genetically modified cell line carrying a thymidine kinase suicide gene in mesothelioma.  From prior work, these instilled cells are thought to adhere to the intrapleural tumor and to form gap junctions.  Then, a pro-drug, ganciclovir, is delivered intravenously, diffuses into the pleural space and is converted by the TK gene in the cells to a toxic drug, ganciclovir-triphosphate, which kills the instilled cells and neighboring tumor cells via a ‘bystander effect’.  The process may also induce …