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[24 Jan 2013 | No Comment | 11,993 views]
Multipotent cancer stem cells derived from human malignant peritoneal mesothelioma promote tumorigenesis

Recent studies in solid organ cancers have shown that cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a pivotal role in the initiation and progression of tumors. However, it is not known whether tumorigenic stem cells exist and whether they promote tumor growth in mesothelioma.
In this study, the authors developed and characterized a CSC model for mesothelioma using stably expandable tumorigenic stem cells derived from patient tumors. They found morphologically distinct populations of CSCs that divide asymmetrically or symmetrically in vitro cell culture.
Mesothelioma stem cells express stem cell markers c-MYC, NES and VEGFR2 …

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[18 Nov 2011 | No Comment | 4,071 views]
Vandetanib as a potent antitumour agent in mesothelioma

Many targeted agents, such as anti-VEGF and anti-EGFR blockers, have not shown promise against mesothelioma, at least when used as single agents. However these same targeted agents might be effective when used in combination with chemotherapy or when used in a selected subpopulation. This study tested a variety of targeted agents together with cisplatinum-pemetrexed against 4 mesothelioma lines and found vandetanib, an inhibitor of EGFR/VEGFR2/RET, to be the most effective. Although the agent has multiple effects (see figure), the effect seemed to be explained by the effect on EGFR and …