1999 Grantham

October 5-8

The Fifth IMIG meeting was held in Grantham, JK at beautiful Stoke Rochford Hall.  The meeting was combined with the International Congress on Peritoneal Repair and Adhesions (PAX).  Organized by Steve Mutsaers (IMIG), Marjan Versnel (President, IMIG) and Jeremy Thompson (PAX), the meeting encouraged interaction between these two related groups interested in serosal pathology.  Common topics included talks on fibrinolytic systems, cell proliferation, cytokines, interaction with asbestos, genetic and surface markers of the mesothelial cell.  Memorable discussions included those dedicated to the role of SV40 and pathogenesis.

There were approximately 200 registrants, 70 of whom were from IMIG.

The meeting included afternoon tea and a social events including a casino/scaletrix night and a medieval dinner where people dressed up in period costume.

In the closing remarks it was stated that larger multicenter Phase II studies are needed before Phase III randomised studies can start to establish standards for MM treatment. IMIG should play an active role to promote co-operation between different centres.

New Investigator and Poster Prizes:

Ms Claire Vivo (Créteil, France) was awarded the IMIG New Investigator Prize of £300 for her presentation “Cell cycle analysis in interferon gamma (IFNg) treated human mesothelioma cell lines (HMCLs)”.

A single poster prize was split between two worthy posters; Dr. Roland Hübner (Antwerp, Belgium), for his poster injecting caution into the field of SV40 amplification from mesothelioma and Dr. Kettunen (Helsinki, Finland) for her work on microarray analysis of mesothelioma.

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