2002 – Perth

December 1-3

The Sixth IMIG meeting held in Perth, Australia introduced many new features into IMIG meetings.  Organized by Bruce Robinson and Steve Mutsaers, the meeting introduced the “workshop” as a means of stimulating ideas and establishing collaborations.  These workshops initiated intense discussion about surgery, pathology, new treatments, relevance of biological data and animal models.  Other firsts included the presentation of the first Wagner Medal, to Marie-Claude Jaurand, which was presented by Margaret Wagner, wife of the late Dr. Wagner, who was flown from England for the presentation.  Serum mesothelin was presented for the first time as a useful marker for mesothelioma.  The meeting was followed December 4 by a Satellite on Advanced Technologies in Cancer Research and Treatment.

Other firsts included swimming with sharks and dolphins!

Wagner Award: Marie-Claude Jaurand

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