2004 – Brescia

June 24-26

The Seventh IMIG meeting at Brescia, Italy was organized by Luciano Mutti and Gianfranco Tassi was entitled “‘How advanced technology and new drugs are changing the perspectives of patients with malignant mesothelioma.”  Indeed, there was a sense of real progress in understanding mesothelioma and applying that understanding to possible treatments.  Many topics were advanced at this important meeting including evidence for the utility of mesothelin as a biomarker for screening or diagnosis and as a target for potential therapy, and as a mesothelial cell specific target for directing expression in transgenic mice, the possible role of SV40 as a co-factor with asbestos in formation of mesothelioma, and useful new mouse models of mesothelioma employing known tumor suppressor knockouts.

There were approximately 250-300 attendees.

Wagner Award: Bruce Robinson

For meeting summary, as published in Oncogene, click here.