iMig Research Award

iMig Research Award The iMig Research Award, created in 2016, will be awarded every two years to recognize the potential significance and impact on the field of novel mesothelioma research (basic, translational, or clinical) that has been published or presented since the prior International Conference of the International Mesothelioma Interest Group. Research to be presented during the current Conference would make an investigator eligible for nomination for the iMig Research Award. Nominations for the iMig Research Award may be submitted by the general iMig membership.

(2016) Raphael Bueno, MD – Dr. Bueno was awarded the inaugural iMig Research Award for his recent published genomic analysis of mesothelioma, a monumental study that capped years of work by Dr. Bueno and his research group on the genomics of mesothelioma. The comprehensive study has made a major advance in understanding mesothelioma and will enable many groups to pursue promising leads for the diagnosis, prediction and treatment of mesothelioma. For this major contribution, Dr. Bueno and his group was the unanimous choice for this new award.

The work was published in Nature Genetics and can be accessed here.

Dr. Bueno is Chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston MA.

Dr. Bueno